Gary Berkowitz (248) 737-3727

 "I specialize in one thing: Improving 25-54 ratings for AC radio stations"  
"Thank you for your incredible interest and commitment on our behalf. You have been a huge part of our turn around with WLIF.”
Bob Philips, Sr. Vice President/CBS Radio 
Happy Holidays from Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting!
“Hiring you is one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help. Please keep arguing with me when I’m wrong, or when you think another point of view should be considered. KRNO would be a far less successful station without your integrity, intelligence and skillful guidance.”
Tom Quinn/ President
Americom Broadcasting/Los Angeles

"There's no one more passionate about the AC format than Gary. Turn on any one of Gary's stations and you'll hear his investment into the product: discipline, direction, excitement and character. Hire Gary and get Gary every time you pick up the phone."
Brian Figula/Program Director
KOIT/San Francisco 
"Gary works with all of Mapleton's AC and Classic Hits stations. Always achieving higher ratings. He is very effective working with our program directors. We only use the best consultants. That's why Gary Berkowitz is our AC consultant." 
Jim Shea/CEO
Mapleton Communications