Gary Berkowitz

I specialize in one thing: Improving 25-54 ratings for AC radio stations ​

Gary's clients include leading broadcasters. CBS Radio, Greater Media, Americom, ABC, Mapleton Communications, AccuRadio and other leading groups and private owners. 

If your ratings are down, there's a good chance your revenues are too. Fix the ratings and revenues will follow. Call me today for an evaluation of how we can get your station back on track for higher ratings and greater revenues. (248) 737-3727


Satisfied Clients Say It Best

“Hiring you is one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help. Please keep arguing with me when I’m wrong, or when you think another point of view should be considered. KRNO would be a far less successful station without your integrity, intelligence and skillful guidance.”
Tom Quinn/ President
​Americom Broadcasting/Los Angeles

"There's no one more passionate about the AC format than Gary. Turn on any one of Gary's stations and you'll hear his investment into the product: discipline, direction, excitement and character. Hire Gary and get Gary every time you pick up the phone".
Brian Figula/Program Director
KOIT/San Francisco 

"In AC Radio, you can’t have high revenues unless you have high rank and ratings. Ratings = Revenue. You can get away with poor ratings in talk, sports and other non-ratings sensitive formats. Not with AC. Gary Berkowitz gets you AC ratings and rank. This is the only way you can get your unfair share of revenue in AC radio."
Peter E. Connolly            
President – Live: The Personality Advertising Specialists, LLC

WMJX - Boston, KBZN - Salt Lake City, WWFS (Fresh 102.7) New York, WKQC-Charlotte, KRNO, Reno  & AccuRadio.com are examples of successful AC’s that Gary Berkowitz has helped to improve ratings. 


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                                                             Your ratings & revenue success is my #1 Goal
No manager hires a consultant these days for a station that gets healthy ratings book-after-book. If your ratings are steady or up, congratulations! But if your market is competitive. Too many AC's, Hot AC's or CHR's splitting the shares. Or if you want to avoid erosion, I'd  like to talk with you. I've helped a lot of stations recover their ratings and get the higher shares so you can increase your revenues. There's  no denying problem ratings. They're in black and white. But it's up to you when to do something about it. It's part of being a GM or owner. If  you'd like a few helpful ideas for your station, call me today. 248-737-3727.