​​"I specialize in one thing: Improving 25-54 ratings for AC radio stations."
​​​Gary Berkowitz
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"There's no one more passionate about the AC format than Gary. Turn on any one of Gary's stations and you'll hear his investment into the product: discipline, direction, excitement and character. Hire Gary and get Gary every time you pick up the phone."

Brian Figula/Program Director
KOIT/Entercom - San Francisco 

Gary Berkowitz...Getting Results for AC Radio in All Size Markets

WBEB/Philadelphia (101.1 More-FM - Mainstream AC)

101.1 More-FM is clearly the most successful AC station in America. Under the leadership of GM Jim Loftus and PD Chuck Knight, Gary works with the team to keep WBEB on the top of the ratings in this fiercely competitive Top 10 market. 

Results: WBEB. #1 AC

WMJX/Boston (Magic 106.7 - Mainstream AC)

WMJX/Boston ​Boston’s Magic 106.7 is one of America’s most successful AC stations. In 1995, Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth invited Gary to join the Greater Media team at WMJX after the station ran into some ratings turbulence. After a complete diagnostic of the station and the current market, Gary and the Boston programming team quickly got Magic back on track and has led Boston's ratings ever since. Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth says “I trust that Gary will always do what is right for my radio stations. That’s why he was on the Greater Media team for over 18 years”.

Results: Magic 106.7 ... Still Boston’s AC leader

KBZN/Salt Lake City (Now 97.9 - Hot AC) 
Tom Taylors "Now" Daily radio newsletter puts it best. Three straight monthly wins for hot AC “Now 97.9,” Capitol’s KBZN (8.1-7.8-7.6). Formerly a smooth jazz station until PPM began and ratings changed. Capital Broadcasting owner John Webb recruited Gary to join the team and find the AC hole. This was no easy task, as Salt Lake City already had 3 stations battling for the AC audience. After extensive market study, NOW 97.9 was born. This new AC radio approach is now a consistent leader in 25-54 and female 25-54 ratings surpassing long time market leaders with strong focused programming and marketing.

Results: Now 97.9  a #1 25-54 ratings winner in the highly competitive Salt Lake City market

Fresh 102.7/New York (Hot AC)
When CBS Radio made the decision to change the 102.7 frequency from its dance/disco based Mix format to a more contemporary AC direction, CBS Sr. Vice President of Programming, Greg Strassell called Gary to invite him to join the team that would launch Fresh 102.7 in the USA's largest radio market. Based on research & focus groups, Berkowitz worked with CBS to design the music, imaging and overall feel for a new "Today" based AC radio station to compete with long time AC leader WLTW.

Results: Fresh 102.7... a ratings success story in market #1

WKQC/Charlotte (K104.7 - Mainstream AC) 
When CBS Radio realized that a change was necessary at WSSS, (then known as Star 104) in Charlotte, Market Manager Bill Schoening called on Berkowitz. The recommendation? Take the station in a different music direction, change the name and position. Gary conducted focus groups and learned that the best positioning for the station would be “Cool Songs”. Unique and different. A few weeks later (WKQC) K104.7, The Cool Music Station was born. In July of 2012, due to K104's ratings dominance, competitor WLYT changed format making K104.7 clearly the AC leader in Charlotte.

Results: K104.7... Charlotte's #1 AC station

KABX/Merced, CA (K97.5 - Mainstream AC)
Gary joined Mapleton's KABX when it was about to transition from Oldies to AC. Working with Program Dirctor Dave Luna and Market Manager Damion Galarza, Gary guided K97.5 into the new format and continues to lead Merced's ratings. 

Results: KABX...#1 AC in Merced

KEYF/Spokane (Key 101- Classic Hits)
Yes, Gary is known for AC but he also works for Classic Hits stations. Just look at KEYF, Spokane. Operations Manager Greg Tilotson and Gary have re-imaged Key 101 from a traditional oldies station into the markets #1 Classic Hits station. Hear what today's Classic Hits are all about on Key 101!

Results: KEYF...#1 in Spokane!