​​"I specialize in one thing: Improving 25-54 ratings for AC radio stations."
​​​Gary Berkowitz
(248) 737-3727

Satisfied Clients Say It Best

“Hiring you is one of the smartest things I’ve done, and I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help. Please keep arguing with me when I’m wrong, or when you think another point of view should be considered. KRNO would be a far less successful station without your integrity, intelligence and skillful guidance.”
Tom Quinn/ President
Americom Broadcasting/Los Angeles

"Gary has the best "ear" in the business. He's an extraordinary resource for us at WBEB. There's no one better to have on your team!"
Jim Loftus, President & CEO
101.1 More-FM WBEB-FM, Philadelphia 

"Gary works with Mapleton's AC and Classic Hits formats. Always achieving higher ratings. He is very effective working with our program directors. Trust is important to me. That's why Gary Berkowitz is our AC and Classic Hits consultant." 
Jim Shea, CEO 
​Mapleton Communications

“Gary Berkowitz is the best consultant I’ve ever worked with. He’s smart, always accessible, objective, passionate, and extremely supportive. I’m thankful every day that we have Gary as part of our team! And he doesn’t even charge us for the sessions he provides as “station shrink.”    
Rick Shockley Program Director WINK-FM
Ft. Myers, FL

“I trust that Gary will always do what is right for my station. That’s why he has been on the Greater Media team for many years”
Peter Smyth, Chairman/CEO
Greater Media/Boston

"There's no one more passionate about the AC format than Gary. Turn on any one of Gary's stations and you'll hear his investment into the product: discipline, direction, excitement and character. Hire Gary and get Gary every time you pick up the phone."
Brian Figula/Program Director
KOIT/San Francisco 

“Gary Berkowitz is a difference maker. He brings a wealth of radio knowledge and experience to your team and will be a superb strategic ally for your brand.”
Tim Roberts/Vice President 
CBS Radio, Detroit

​"Gary brings a a wide range of expertise, coupled with a relentless drive to help make his client stations the very best they can be. He's quick to dismiss 'fads', but continually on the look for true emerging trends....all while remaining focused on timeless winning fundamentals."
Don Gilmore/Executive Vice President
Moyes Research, Denver, CO

​“Why Berkowitz? I always got Gary. My calls were returned promptly. You are flexible with market visits. Multiple format advice; when asked, you always gave great advice on all formats. Straight answers. Never sugar coated. Major market experience related to smaller markets. You have tremendous musical knowledge of what works and more important, what does not work. Sound advice on research & marketing projects. Always professional with very high broadcast standards. Shared experience in many great radio battles. Honesty and loyalty.You’re a winner. You are the only consultant Midwest Communications has used in the past 4 years. I will jump at the chance to work with you again in the future.”
​Jeff McCarthy Vice President of Programming
Midwest Communications/Green Bay, WI

"Thank you for your incredible interest and commitment on our behalf. You have been a huge part of our turn around with WLIF.”
Bob Philips, Sr. Vice President/Sales
CBS Radio, New York

“Gary helped keep WRCH a market ratings leader for a decade. He is an expert in Selector music scheduling, and works well with everyone from the jocks, to management to corporate. Gary is A+, and is a great barometer and second set of ears for your PD." 
Allan Camp, Program Director
WRCH, CBS Radio - Hartford 

"When you hire Gary, you get Gary and that's the best part. It goes without saying that Gary is the AC Expert but it doesn't stop there. If you are fortunate enough to work with him, you discover that you have hired your biggest fan. To me, Gary is a cheerleader, a life coach, a much needed critic and of course, an excellent radio consultant. He is always a "friend" in what sometimes feels like a "friendless" world. Truth is, he really cares about his clients and his stations. He's very passionate about his station's success and knows that YOUR success is the only way the station will be successful. This is what sets him apart, not only as The AC Expert but as an overall consultant (in any industry). Ratings performance is; however, the proof. WMGC has only been tops in the Detroit market once...and it was only when Gary Berkowitz joined the team."
Bill Fries, CEO
Hiregy, Tampa, FL ​

“It only took 40 years before I hired you to consult for one of our stations....wish I had called you much earlier. You are the best! Thanks for the great job you did for us this week. I really enjoyed spending time with you on a personal level as well. Better late than never.”
Allen Shaw, CEO, Centennial Broadcasting

"I wanted to thank you for your role in the success of KEZN. Not only did you do a teriffic job with the music and day to day working with our staff, but you played an important role in helping with the strategy for the station as well with deploying tactics, once we agreed to that strategy. One of the things that I really admire about you is that you are willing to take a stand and not back down. I have worked with many consultants over the years and you would be surprised at how many of them are more than willing to agree with the person who pays their monthly fees. You are not one of those people and that is a very important reason why I admire the work you do." 
Harvey Wells
Senior Vice President and Market Manager
CBS Radio - Riverside, CA

"It's really simple. If you have an Adult Contemporary station and want to win, hire Gary. And if you don't hire him, pray your competition doesn't.”
Larry Weiss, Vice President/Market Manager
Centennial Broadcasting, Winchester, VA